Charles W. Morgan – Whaler

Vintage kit modified by Martin Jelsema - his second build

Vintage kit modified by Martin Jelsema – his second build

Modeler’s Name: Martin Jelsema
Period: Mid 19the Century
Scale: 1:120
Type of Model: severely modified kit
Build Time: no estimate

Build Materials:
This began as a vintage Scientific Models kit, but aside from the solid hull and deck furnishings, the model was fashioned from the plans of the Model Shipways version of the Morgan. That meant modeling a 1:120 model using plans for a 1:60 scale model – meaning all the masting and rigging had to be scaled at half-size.

Ship’s Story:
Whaler built in 1843. It was active, mostly in the Pacific with many hunts of more than two years. The Morgan still exists! The ship is the only surviving wooden whaling ship from the 19th Century whaling fleet. She was placed on The Register of Historic Places in 1966 as a National Historic Landmark. It is berthed at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, and was recently restored for the second time.

Modeler’s Bio:
Aside from building a wooden hulled Blue Nose schooner as a teen, Martin did not take up ship modeling until 2009. Martin has spent a career in marketing communications, working for ad agencies, IBM, Information Handling Services and Coors Ceramics, as well as consulting and freelancing the past 30 years

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