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Rocky Mountain Shipwrights is a group of dedicated ship modelers living in Colorado, mostly in front range communities surrounding Denver. We’re a non-profit organization with the mission to support ship modelers in the area as well as encourage those wanting to take up the hobby.  So we welcome anyone to attend our monthly meetings, our monthly workshops and our annual ship exhibit. You’ll find more information about our activities on this site.

For more information about membership in Rocky Mountain Shipwrights, contact:

Ralph Buckwalter at 303-914-0897


George Tucker at 303-798-7901

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hi i am building the cutty sark and would like the haul plank to be clear wood, the other ships i have built have been painted and have not had to be real carfel with the placment of plank, the plans i am using are not clear on the planking. should i be going from the deck down if so how do i transition to the keel for the plank to look good ?

  2. HI
    I have seen a model of a whaleboat in it’s davits when I googled ‘Whaleboat in davits kit” under your website name.
    There is an example in the library at Kennebunkport
    Please could you tell me who supplies this kit ?

    PS If you like old sailing boats, please look up “www.cemaesclassiclifeboat’ to see the 1907 restored pulling and sailing lifeboat I am co-coxswain of, back on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales UK Would make a good model !! We take members of the public our in the summer. She is rigged with dipping lug main and mizzen, plus jib.– and 12 oars !! Crew of 15

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