Carronade – Ship Killer

Chuck Stroble scratch-built this model of a carronade

Chuck Stroble scratch-built this model of a carronade

Modeler’s Name: Chuck Stroble

Period: Mid 1700s to mid 1800s
Scale: 1:12
Type of Model: scratch build
Build Time: 21 hrs

Build Materials:
Steel and oak

Carronade’s Story:
This is the second canon model that I have built and not yet fired. Carronades were very close-in weapons “pistol shot”. This is a 42 pounder and for the time was very fast to fire.

Modeler’s Bio:
Retired Navy Photographer Mate and owner of a bonded messenger service.. Started out with Commander Cruiser Destroyer Forces Pacific then to staff Commander Destroyer Flotilla One In Yokosuka Japan. Shore duty with Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka where I helped start a scale model club and built a 1:12 Elco 103 PT boat. Being a photographer is most helpful for a modeler. After active duty went to college at the University of Wyoming for a BA in Education

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