Chinese Junk

Chuck Stroble scratch built a generic Chinese Junk

Chuck Stroble scratch built a generic Chinese Junk

Modeler’s Name: Chuck Stroble
Period: Many centuries old
Scale: 1:50
Type of Model: Scratch build
Build Time: 60 hrs.

Build Materials:
Cedar finished in hand rubbed linseed oil

Ship’s Story:
The junk has been around a long time and is still popular in the Far East. They are mostly used to haul freight but some are armed. The junk may look strange to western eyes and they proceeded European craft in water tight compartmentation and center mounted rudders by some 500 years. It is likely this type of vessel was used in exploring out the Pacific coast long before Columbus got around to it.

Modeler’s Bio:
I am a retired Navy Photographer Mate. Started out with Commander Cruiser Destroyer Forces Pacific then to staff Commander Destroyer Flotilla One In Yokosuka Japan. Shore duty with Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka where I helped start a scale model club and built a 1:12 Elco 103 PT boat. Being a photographer is most helpful for a modeler. After active duty went to college at the University of Wyoming for a BA in Education.

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