Confederacy – a 1778 U.S. Frigate

The US Frigate Confederacy in progress. This model being built by Ed Quam from a kit bu Model Shipways.

The US Frigate Confederacy in progress. This model being built by Ed Quam from a Model Shipways kit. This model was selected as the “Modeler’s Choice” during the 2915 exhibit.

(under construction)

Modeler’s Name: Ed Quam
Period: Revolutionary War
Scale: 3/16”-1’
Type of Model: Plank on Bulkhead kit – admiralty model
Build Time: In progress

Build Materials:
This model is built in the admiralty style, meaning that some of the ribs are left exposed as is much of the deck. It is a Model Shipways kit featuring basswood, walnut and boxwood.

Ship’s Story:
Confederacy was one of several frigates built for the American Continental Navy. She was built in Norwich Conneticut in 1777-78. She was large for her rate and highly decorated. She carried 36 guns. She was plagued by several misadventures during a short career and was captured by the British in 1781. The lines were taken off by the British so that the model is very representative of the actual ship.

Modeler’s Bio:
Edward is a retired former Intelligence officer. Born and raised in Colorado educated at CU, DU and Harvard. While stationed in Washington D.C. he was and is a member of the Washington Ship Model Association and a Plank member of the Nautical Research Guild. He has built over 25 models and has displayed them in various venues around the country.

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