Die Kogge von Bremem

John McGann's De Kogge

John McGann built this model plank-for-plank as the original 13th Century De Kogge was found and raised. This model was awarded Best in Show at our annual Ship Model Exhibit

The Die Kogge von Bremen has been recovered from the bottom of the Weser River and now is on display at Bremenhaven, Germany. It was originally built in 1380AD. She is the only Cog still in existence. The Cog is a vessel type first developed about 900AD in Holland as a merchant vessel of the Haneseatic League. Cogs carried crusaders to the Holy Land and Marco Polo began his trek to China aboard a Cog. The Cog was a major improvement in ship building in that it carried a greater cargo than a Viking ship, required a smaller crew, and was easier to defend. It was the first European vessel to mount a rudder. No hatches were used – instead the deck was removable to gain access to the cargo hold.

John researched and built this model from scratch, mostly of apple wood. He estimates the project consumed some 2000 hours.

Period: 1380
Model is 30” long, 17” tall
Scale: 1=40 (19/64” = 1 foot)

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