Fly, a scratch-built model in a bottle by Daniel Siemens

Fly, a scratch-built model in a bottle by Daniel Siemens

Modeler’s Name: Daniel Siemens
Period: Mid 1700’s
Scale: 1:400
Type of Model: scratch build ship in bottle
Build Time: 10 hours

Build Materials:
Match sticks, toothpicks and tissue paper. The hull is built out of match sticks using a plank on bulkhead method. The masts and spars are made from toothpicks and sails were made from tissue paper.

Ship’s Story:
The Fly was a cutter used by the British in 1763 to catch smugglers in the in the English Channel. The large sails made this ship exceptionally fast. The plans for this ship were taken from the Story of Sail by Veres Laszlo and Richard Woodman.

Modeler’s Bio:
I do accounting as my day job but love bottling ships when I can find time. I started two years ago after watching the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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3 thoughts on “Fly

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I am really happy to see the model by Mr Daniel Siemens made after the drawing of mine. Please forward my best wishes and handshake to Mr Siemens.

    Laszlo Veres

    • I’ve passed you comment on to Daniel. Thank you for viewing our website and for sharing your knowledge with us.

    • Mr. Veres your work is incredible. I’ve built several models based on plans from The Story of Sail. It’s become my goto book for ship in bottle plans. Thank you for your hard work in drawing up so many plans and publishing such a great book.

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