HMS Agamemnon



HMS_Agamemnon under construction

Modeler’s Name: Ed Leviker
Period: 1777-1809 Scale: 3/16″ = 1′
Type of Model: Plank on frame
Build Time: 100 hrs so far

Build Materials:
The model is under construction and is a plank on frame kit.

Ship’s Story:
Agamemnon was laid dowm at Bucklers Hard in 1777. A 64 gun ship of the Ardent Class. She took part in The American Revolution and Napolonic Wars. She fought at Trafalgar and captured the Spanish four decker “Santisma Trinidad” She was lost to grounding in 1809 in the River Plate.

Modeler’s Bio:
Retired Airline bus driver, never bent an aircraft or lost a passenger!

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