KDM Dannebrog

KDM Dannebrog, a Danish passenger ship, was built from a kit by Jim Cuscaden

KDM Dannebrog, the Danish Royal yacht, was built from a kit by Jim Cuscaden

Modeler’s name: Jim Cuscaden
Period: 1930’s onward
Type of model:Plank on frame kit
Scale: 1:100

Build materials:
The model was purchased in kit form in Norway in 1979 from Sergal Modelli. It was completed in 1980, but was damaged in a house move and restored in 2015. The model was built using a plank on frame construction using walnut, pine and metal materials.

Ship’s story:
The Dannebrog is named after the Danish flag and provides accommodation for the Queen and Prince Consort on royal trips. Since commissioning in 1932, the vessel has traveled more than 300,000 nautical miles. It is manned by 9 officers and 43 enlisted men.Laid Down : 1931; Launched : 1932; Commissioned: May 1932; Status: In service today. Displacement: 1238 tons; Length: 78 m; Height: 32m

Modeler’s bio:
Jim hales from England and was a member of the British Royal Navy. He has been a Shipwright member for about a year now, and is currently building the HMS Vctory.

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