Norske Love

Norske-LoveErik Collett is building this Danish warship  from a kit he is modifying. It boasts four different woods – birch, pine, walnut and cherry. So far he has invested about 500 hours in her construction.

The Norske Love was built in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1764-1767. It was named after the Norwegian Royal Coat of Arms. Her ornaments represented daily life in Norway. It was mostly a guard ship in Danish waters. She carried 70 cast iron cannons and a crew of 667 sailors and soldiers. She was converted to a shelter for homeless in 1795. In 1798 she was deleted from the naval registry. The model is based upon original construction drawings.

Period: last half of 18th Century
Model length: 40”, height: 36”
Scale: 1:64

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5 thoughts on “Norske Love

  1. Hi Mr Collet
    I have been building the Norske Löve for about 5 years now. The hull is made of maple and the lower gundeck has been reworked. I would be interested in seeing some more photos of your build.


    Sveinn Ernstsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

  2. Hello,
    i have just found a old box of these model boat in a attic, it mis some wood timbers.
    but all the fittings is here.
    Sorry my english is poor.
    would you like to help me to build these model boat?
    i need pictures of all the steeps, dimensional plans to rebuilt the missing articles.
    thank a lot for your help,
    best regards,


  3. Hello Thierry

    Thanks for contacting Rocky Mountain Shipwrights about the Nordski Love. I’m asking anyone who might help to post a comment here. Any we get will enable me to hook the two of you up. Here’s hoping someone will go to your aid. You might also find help at this very active and responsive forum:

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