Pleasure Launch

Gasoline Pleasure Launch

This model of a gasoline pleaure launch was built from scratch by Steve Wheeler. The model won a Manatowac prize as well a tying for 2nd place in the 2011 Rocky Mountain Shipwright's Model Ship Exhibit.

Steve Wheeler fashioned this award-winning model from scratch,
which in Steve’s case includes the metal engine, fiberglass hull,
applewood decks, resin castings and pewter trim. Steve used the boat’s
original plans which were conceived by Fred Martin, a naval architect from Steve’s home town of Racine, WI. He estimates he took 360 hours to construct the launch.

The boat itself was a 16-foot gasoline-powered launch with an inverted engine. It was originally built for the Pierce Motor Company to demonstrate it newest engine. The boat’s design is an offshoot of older launches used for pleasure by oarsmen. As early as 1820, this boat’s “ancestors” were called “Whitehalls and were used as water taxies.

Period: 1897
Model length: 16”
Scale: 1”=1ft.

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