Pride of Essex

Pride of Essex

Modeled by Ed Leviker -this model won best novice award at Manatowac as well as being tied for 2nd in the 2011 Rocky Mountain Shipwrights Model Ship Exhibit

This was Ed Leviker’s first scratch-built model. The model was
fashioned from aspen, apple, maple and poplar. Ed worked on the
model off and on for two-years. It won two medals an competition at Manotowac.

The Pride of Essex is commonly known as a “cod banger” by fishermen in England. It was a boat whose design evolved for efficiency in trawling for cod, and the fishermen moved with the cod schools where ever they may be along the Great Banks and the shores of England.

Period: 1877-19??
Size: model length: 27”
Scale: 3/16

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One thought on “Pride of Essex

  1. Good looking vessel.
    Is this a model of the “Pride of Essex” built in East Donyland, Essex, UK in 1877?
    That vessel was bought to the Faroe Islands in 1892.
    It was lost after collision with a trawler near Grimsby.

    Best regards,
    Regin Torkilsson

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