Queen Anne’s Revenge

Queen Ann's Revenge is another ship-in-a-bottle from Daniel Siemens

Queen Anne’s Revenge is another scratch-built ship-in-a-bottle from Daniel Siemens

Modeler’s Name: Daniel Siemens
Period: Scale:
Type of Model: scratch build ship in bottle
Build Time: 40 hrs.

Build Materials:
: This ship is mostly made of paper. Wire from a cell phone charger as well as paint brush bristles were used for the masts and spars. Tissue paper was used for the sails.

Ship’s Story:
The flag ship of the famous pirate Blackbeard. The Queen Anne’s revenge started out as a slave ship until it was captured by Blackbeard. He used it for piracy from the Caribbean to Africa and later ran it aground off the coast of North Carolina where it was recently found. The ship is based on the research of Mark Wilde-Ramsing Ph.D who did a lot of research on the history of the ship. The model is represented about as close as historians can figure the real ship may have looked.

Modeler’s Bio:
I do accounting as my day job but love bottling ships when I can find time. I started two years ago after watching the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie

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