Santisima Trinadad

Santisima Trinadad

Bob Cook modified this plank-on-frame fit. It's a biggest model in the show.

Built by Bob Cook, the model comes from a modified plank-on-frame kit. It is wood-hulled. Bob spent 1600 hours on this glorious project.

Santisima Trinadad was a Spanish first-rate ship-of-the-line built in Havana Cuba during 1768-1769. She carried 120 guns. She was 201-feet long, 53-feet wide and displaced 4,950 tons. The Trinadad supported the American colonists in the War of Independence. She was sunk in 1805.

Period: 1769-1805
Model length: 44”- height: 35”
Scale: 1:50

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