Cutty Sark – Clipper Ship

Cutty Sark, a clipper ship model under construction by Mark Persichetti

Cutty Sark, a clipper ship model under construction by Mark Persichetti

Modeler’s Name: Mark Persichetti
Period: 19th Century
Scale: 1:72
Type of Model: plank on bulkhead from kit

Build Materials:
It’s a “plank-on-bulkhead” model. A series of vertical bulkheads (stations) were attached to a central keel. Then a layer of narrow hardwood planks were attached to the edges of the bulkheads, and sheets of veneer with a pre-printed pattern of deck planks were secured to the top edges of the bulkheads. You can see the bulkheads through the deck hatchways. Other components of the ship kit are displayed here too

Ship’s Story:
The Clipper Ship Cutty Sark was built in Scotland in 1869 for John ‘Jock’ Willis Shipping Line, London. Her figurehead depicts the witch Nannie Dee in Robert Burns’ poem, Tam O’Shanter, and she’s named after Nan’s short nightshirt – a ‘cutty sark’. She was designed for the tea trade between the UK and the Far East, but the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 limited her years of service in that trade. Within a few years, she was engaged in the wool trade between the UK and Australia, and for other cargoes for which speed of delivery wasn’t so critical. It came under the possession of the Cutty Sark Preservation Society in 1953 as a museum ship open to the public at Greenwich GB, as a last example of a tea clipper.

Modeler’s Bio:
Mark has been making models since the 1950s. His first sailing-ship model was a smaller-scale Old Ironsides kit by Revell. Ships have been his favorite modeling subject since then. He has been a member of Rocky Mountain Shipwrights for over ten years.

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark - Persichetti

Mark Persichetti is in the process of building Cutty Sark, famous British clipper ship

Mark Persichetti is building this plank-on-bulkhead kit model of this famous British clipper ship. Planking is mahogany. He cut the frames from printed plywood supplied in the kit and assembled them into this skeletal framework.

February16th,1870, Cutty Sark left London bound for Shanghai, via the Cape of Good Hope, on her first voyage. She is a fabled clipper in service of the tea trade. She is the only tea clipper still in existence. At present, she is being restored and will then be at dockside in Greenwich, England for any and all to visit.

Period: 1870-1922                          Model length: 38”                                   Scale: 1:75