Oseberg skipet

Oseberg skipet - Eric Collett

Erik Collett spent 150 hours building this Norwegian Viking Ship model.
The hull is built from oak planks, glued together and then glued to the
ribs. The wood was then sealed with flat varnish. The sail is cotton.

The original ship was built in 815AD and was used as a burial ship after 20 years of icoastal trading. It was discovered on an Oseberg, Norway farm in 1904. It has been restored and can be seen today at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The ship was 71 feet long, 17 feet wide. The mast was 40 feet tall and carried a 30feet wide, 15 feet long sail. Square homespun wool was used for the sail. The squares were sewn together with strips of leather. There are 15 oar holes on each side. The rudder was an enlarged oar fitted on the aft starboard side.

Period: 815-834, now restored           Model length: 17”, height 10”             Scale:1:50