Hannah in a Bottle

Ralph Buckwalter's model in a bottle is a kit build of the topsail schooner Hannah

Ralph Buckwalter’s model in a bottle is a kit build of the topsail schooner Hannah

Modeler’s Name: Ralph Buckwalter
Period: Revolutionary War
Scale: 1:100
Type of Model: Miniature in a bottle
Build Time: not estimated

Build Materials:
The Hannah was built from an Amati kit which included the bottle. I modified the kits rigging, masts and yards. The supplied rectangular metal masts and yards which I changed to wood more closely represent a ship of this era. This greatly complicated the placing of the model in the bottle since the wooden masts and yards were a little larger in diameter then the metal components. I also included a second yard on the fore mast which was not shown in the photos of the completed model in the kit but was shown in the instructions. As you will note from the dimensions below it was a tight fit.

Ship’s Story:
Brief history of the original ship: The Schooner Hannah was the first American armed naval vessel of the American Revolution and is claimed to be the founding vessel of the United States Navy. The Schooner was hired into the service of the American Continental Army by General George Washington. Washington commissioned Nicholson Broughton to command the Hannah on September 2nd 1775. Two days later she was pursued by the HMS Lively and another British vessel. She and took protection in the Gloucester Harbor. Hannah’s brief naval career ended on October 10th 1775, when she was run aground near a small American fort near Beverly by the British sloop Nautilus. Shortly after this Hannah was decommissioned by General Washington since he found more suitable ships for his cruisers

Modeler’s Bio:
Ralph Buckwalter, a retired Mechanical Engineer has been modeling for about 14 years. He joined the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights in 2000.