Seguin – Jim Blackwell

Seguin - Jim Blackwell

Jim Blackwell modified a kit model of this tugboat. It is wooden throughout.

The Seguin was built in Maine in 1884. She spent her first years towing sailing vessels in the Kennebec River and barges along the Atlantic Coast. In the early 1900’s, she became a New York harbor tug. She was retired in 1967.

Period: 1884-1967                      Model length: 26”               Scale: 1/4”=1ft.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria - Jim Blackwell

Jim Blackwell modified a kit of this historic vessel by substituting better wood.

The Santa Maria was Columbus’ flagship when he landed in the New World. She was three-masted and square-rigged, about 85 feet in length with a crew of forty. Top speed was eight knots, cruising speed of four knots. She ran aground on Christmas Eve, 1492, off the coast of Haiti.

Period: 1492
Model length: 21”, height: 16”