This scratch-built model by John McGann won the “Modeler’s Choice” Award at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Shipwright’s October Exhibit at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

It is a model of the BritishTurbinia, the first steam turbine-powered steamship. Built as an experimental vessel in 1894, and easily the fastest ship in the world at that time, Turbinia was demonstrated dramatically at the Spithead Navy Review in 1897 and set the standard for the next generation of steamships, the majority of which would be turbine powered. The vessel is currently located at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England, while her original powerplant is located at the Science Museum in London
(The description above is from Wikipedia)

John built this model from scratch using plans of the original. John is a retired commercial construction superintendent. First ship model completed 1944.

Obelisk Barge of Queen Hatshepsuit

Name of Model:  Obelisk Barge of Queen Hatshepsuit
Period: Ancient Egypt 

Modeler’s Name:  John McGann
Type of Model: Scratch built
Scale:  1/8”=1’

Build Materials:  John produced the drawings from Bjorn Liandstrom’s book, Ships of the Pharaohs. The obelisks are pink granite from the quarry in Aswan from which the original obelisks were fashioned. The model  is constructed of sycamore just as the original barge was.

Ship’s Story: The barge was used to transport two 98-feet long granite obelisks from Aswan to Karnak. The ship is depicted on the wall of Hatshepsuit’s funerary temple, Deir El Bahri.

Modeler’s Bio: Retired construction superintendent. John’s been modeling for 75 years