ACE Racing Sloop

A kit of this model was the prize for a drawing held during the Lone Tree Library show

Name of Model: ACE Racing Sloop
Period ship sailed:
Present day
Type of model: 

Modeler’s name: Bob Vitry
Scale of model: N/A
Build time: Two weeks

Description of build, including materials: A free sailing model for small lakes or swimming pools. Built from die-cut mahogany with 21 inch birch mast and cloth sails. All rigging and fittings are included.
Length 17 inches
Beam – 5-1/4 inches
Mast – 21 inches
Sail Control Unit – Not designed for radio control

Ship’s history: No history

Modeler’s biography: Just an old-timer who has built models since he was a teenager. Submarine veteran – USS Bonefish (SS582), Field engineer with National Cash Register (NCR)and with Storage Technology Corporation. Ended my career as an IT person for Space Imaging

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