Black Falcon

Name of Model: Black Falcon
Period: 18th Century
Type of Model: plank on bulkhead kit

Modeler’s Name: Ralph Buckwalter Scale:  1:100
Build Time: not estimated

Build Materials: This was Ralph’s first ship model. It is made from a Mantua kit. The kit utilized a plank on bulkhead type of construction. The planks were bent when wet using a hot iron. The model kit supplied sails but they were ugly and I decided not put them on the model since the instructions were not very detailed and for a first model I did not think I could make them look good.

Ship’s Story: This is supposed to be one of the ships used by Captain Kidd the famous Pirate. It is a two masted Brigantine from the 18th century

Modeler’s Bio:  Ralph Buckwalter, a retired Mechanical Engineer has been modeling for about 14 years. He joined the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights in 2000.

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