Hello, Shipwrights. This page was created during the COVID 19 pandemic to allow members to comment on their health status, their model making progress, their need to vent, and to answer the burning question, “How’s it going”.

You can either start a comment chain or you can comment on another’s comment chain.

To start a new comment chain, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find an empty comment box., place your name and email in the boxes provided and type in your comment. If your satisfied with what you wrote, just click “Post Comment” button.

To comment on another member’s comment just hit the “Reply” button under their comment, type your comment and press the “Post Comment” button”. You are able to comment on another’s comment about an original comment by punching the comment’s “reply” button. In that way, we can have interactive “conversations” about the original comment.

If everything goes right technically, and members come to the website to comment (or to at least read comments) every day or so , we can have an ongoing, virtual meeting here.

It will be helpful if you start each comment with your name and a very short title. Remember, you can begin a new comment to which others can respond when they click the “Reply” button, Or you can start a new topic by scrolling to the next open text box.

8 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Sat April 4, 2020 Good morning crew. I just wanted to try out this new comments page. It can help us connect while we are all sheltering in place. Thanks Martin for setting it up. I am missing our workshop today and seeing all your faces. I hope all of you are healthy and enjoying the beautiful day.

    • Hi folks, it’s Martin;
      Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the time this virus has provided us to model. Or in my case, to create and improvise our newsletter and website.
      The next copy of Scuttlebutt is scheduled for Tuesday. It will contain pictures and descriptions of models and workshops from those who contributed them. If you want to be included, there’s still time. Just email me your photo and write-up (a couple of sentences is all) to me by Sunday evening.

  2. Bob Fivehouse, Emperor

    Hi Gang! Being retired is a great way to prepare for this shut down; I’m doing the same stuff I always do. Since my daughter and her family live with us, I get to baby sit everyday … lucky me! My youngest grandson, Emmet, is a handful! He is very mild mannered for a 1-year-old but gets into everything non-stop. When you stop him from one problem, he goes right to the next. I’m getting too old for this!
    I have 10 models going and I’m hoping to get somewhere with at least 2 or 3 of them. When I saw this pandemic coming, I went to the model shops so I am pretty set with materials to make models (I hope). I’ll send some pictures to Martin from time to time to let you know how I am doing. Be Good and stay safe!

    • So things haven’t changed much for me and Gus (aka Helen) either, except setting up this comment page and doing Scuttlebutt in a different format. But accepting those challenge keeps me, ah…alert?…focused?…young at heart?..or maybe just tired. I really sleep good.

  3. Just picked up the grocery order from king soopers. Ordered on line a couple days ago and let them put it all together for me. Easy peasy. Didn’t even have to get out of the car.

    • Hi, Bruce: We are now living in the “Good Old Days” as far as groceries are concerned. Growing up in Estes Park, we had two grocery store, neither connected to a chain. You could phone in an order (unless you didn’t want the telephone operator to know what you fed your family) and they would deliver it. When I worked at Brodies Market as a stocker and bag boy (age 11 or 12?), I could hardly wait ’til I was old enough to drive the delivery truck

  4. Hi, folks, Martin here with a deadeye problem.
    For my Harvey, I’m ready to mount my deadeyes to the channel, but the deadeyes supplied with the kit look too small for the model. The scale is 1:50 and the deadeyes are 3/16″ dia. So if anyone has 16-20 extra 1/4″ dia deadeyes, I’d like to buy them or trade 50 3/16″ deadeyes for them. Preferably they would be walnut or another darker wood. Hope to hear from somebody with lots of deadeyes stashed away.

  5. Hello, do you fix models? I found an old Titanic model at my ex-stepfather’s house that’s in a state of disrepair and wonder if anyone would be interested in taking a whack at it, for a price of course, and after the quarantine is over. You can also text me at 720 980 3067.

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