New Bedford Whaleboat

Name of Model: New Bedford Whaleboat
Period ship sailed: 1850-1870
Type of model:  scratch built

Modeler’s name: Ed Quam
Scale of model: 1/4″=1′
Build time:  400 hours

Description of build, including materials:  materials Bass wood, copper leather and fiber

Ship’s history: This model was based on plans by Eric Ronberg of New England and as with the Kate Cory were from the Cory family. The whale boats were the work horses of the whaling industry and were very sea worthy.

Modeler’s biography: Edward is a retired former Intelligence officer. Born and raised in Colorado educated at CU, DU and Harvard. While stationed in Washington D.C. he was and is a member of the Washington Ship Model Association and a Plank member of the Nautical Research Guild. He has built over 25 models and has displayed them in various venues around the country.

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