Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights resource page.

Here we will share with you some of the resources we have found valuable – and sometimes created. There are plenty of links below that will lead you to help in researching a type of ship or an particular era of nautical history; descriptions of model-building techniques and tools; forums where you can find others who have built the same model you are, or are planning to. Explore to your heart’s content. But one warning: we are not responsible for out-of-date links or broken links – we’re not usually notified of changes.

The Portland, a model from a Blue Jacket kit by Ed Quam
  • List of Maritime Museums in North America. There are surprisingly a good many and varied museums devoted to seafaring (and river fairing), some exploring naval history and preserved ships, some devoted to local commercial maritime activities, some with interactive programs for boat building, sailing and racing instruction, and child-involving activities.
  • List of Ship Modeling Clubs Worldwide. This is a link to the Nautical Research Guild’s list of modeling clubs. They are listed first within the United States by State; then Canadian clubs are listed by Province, and then International clubs by Country. Many of the listings include a website address and/or an email address of a contact at the club. Click this link to access the list:
  • Historic and Photographic Sources about US Naval Ships, Old and New
    Here is a list of Internet sites devoted to documenting the history of the US Navy. Several are privately maintained by volunteer historians while others are US Naval resources. You can find photographs and earlier images, ship logs, newspaper accounts, official stats and plans, all sorts of records and personnel files and more.