• Name of Model: CAMPANIA
  • Period Ship Sailed: 1893-1918 
  • Type of Model: scratch built
  • Modeler’s Name: Bob Fivehouse
  • Scale of Model: 1:384 – (1″=32′)
  • Time to Build: 10 months

Description of build, including materials: The model is a solid waterline model constructed of wood, metal and paper and is set in a sea of carved and painted wood in a mahogany case made by the builder.

Ship’s history: The CAMPANIA (British~1893) was built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. for the Cunard line. She was the largest and fastest ship in the world when built and captured the Blue Ribbon in August 1894 with a voyage from Queenstown to Sandy Hook with an average speed of 21.49 knots. She was converted into an aircraft carrier during the First World War and was accidentally sunk in a collision with HMS REVENGE during a storm at Scapa Flow on November 5, 1918 as the war was ending

Modeler’s biography:  Robert J. Fivehouse is a retired IT maintenance person and Science & Computer Teacher for the North Haledon School District in New Jersey, where he worked for 35 years, and holds a Master’s degree in Communication Arts. Models have always held a fascination for him and at an early age he began to build his own from scratch. He has built models of every type and era though he prefers steamships of the period from 1880 to 1914. Many of his models are miniature waterline models which show a ship as she would actually look when afloat.