S.M.S. Seeadler

SMS Seeadler

Name of Model: S.M.S. Seeadler
Period ship sailed: 1888 to 1917

Modeler’s name: Giuseppe (Joe) Presta
Type of model: Scratch

Description of build, including materials: Build from scratch using as reference a Revell plastic model of the same ship. Materials: Commercial pine strips ( 2″x1″) , red wood scraps, some balsa, pine dowels , etc.

Ship’s history: Built in Scotland in 1888 as PASS of BALMAHA, purchased later by an American cotton broker, in 1914 during WWI was captured by German submarine, taken to Germany and renamed S.M.S Seeadler. Under the Command of Felix Count Luckner, it sailed all the oceans sinking enemy ships. The ship was wrecked on the island of Mopelia on August 12, 1917.

Modeler’s biography: Retired engineer from Lockheed Martin Company. As youngster, he was interested in building model airplanes from scratch. Later in life, his hobby was building HO train layouts. This is his third model ship. The other two were one from plastic kit and the other from a wood kit (Great Republic).