Die Kogge von Bremen

Name of Ship: Die Kogge von Bremen
Period:  1380
Scale: 1=40 19/64″=1′

Name of Modeler: John R. McGann
Type of model:  scratch built

Brief History of Original Ship: The Cog or Kogge was a type of vessel used by the Hanseatic League for 500 years. The original ship was built of Baltic Oak in 1380 and swept from the builder’s yard by a flash flood of the Wesser River. Recovered during the dredging of the river in 1962. Now displayed in a museum at Bremerhaven, Germany.

Description of Model: Scratch built of Apple Wood from the plans of the ship developed during its recovery and re-construction. The mast and rigging had not been installed, only a small portion of the decking is shown as the original decking was not recovered. Note: that the deck is athwart the vessel rather than fore and aft.

Modeler’s Bio: Retired commercial construction, general superintendent. First ship model completed 1944.