Ranger – Revenue Cutter

Name of Model: Ranger
Period: Pre Civil War
Type of Model: Modified kit

Name of Modeler: Martin Jelsema
Scale: 1/4″ = 1′
Build Time: 300 hrs

Build materials: wood, metal fittings, cord and cloth.

Ship’s Story: This was not a model of a real ship. Rather, it depicts a “typical” revenue cutter from the early to mid 1800’s. This type of ship was manned by the U.S. Revenue Service, a predecessor to the U.S. Coast Guard. Its main purpose was to stop smugglers and others who violated U.S. customs taxes. For their size, they carried a lot of sail. They were built for speed and armed with a single pivot gun.

Modeler’s bio: This was Martin Jelsema’s first build since “retiring” as a marketing consultant some years ago. As a teenager he built the wooden schooner model of the Bluenose. He collected tools for the next 50 years in anticipation of renewing the hobby. Martin lives in Littleton with his wife Gus. He’s been a member of Rocky Mountain Shipwrights for 10 years