2018 Exhibits of Ship Models


2018 was a busy time for the modelers of the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights: three exhibits as well as 12 meetings and 12 workshops. That hardly gave some members time to actually build. But we all survived – nay, thrived. Because nothing beats the satisfaction of solving the problems connected with modeling with the help of fellow shipwrights.

The first exhibit was in April, and was the second time we displayed our models and presented our knowledge to attendees at the two-day Lone Tree Library show. In addition to the exhibit, we did presentations about ship modeling, including ships in bottles by Dan Siemens, paper modeling for kids by Jay Phillip, and pirating by Jim Cuscaden in costume. We also conducted kids “workshops” where children were given simple kits, supplies and instructions on how to build them. The kits were designed and fabricated by Ralph Buckwalter, Tim Brown and volunteers working an assembly line after several meetings.


The second exhibit was at Bemis Library in Littleton on the last weekend in September, 2018. It was an attendant-hosted show but there was the exhibit only. Though only publicized within the library’s patrons, the visitors were impressed and enthusiastic.


The third show was our annual RMSW Exhibit in the basement of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, where we meet every month. It occurred just two weeks after the Bemis show. Non-the-less, participation by the membership was outstanding in terms of models shown, members standing watch and setting up /tearing down. Our annual “Modeler’s Choice Award was won by John McGann for his model of the steam turbine-driven Turbinia.


Enjoy the photos and model/builder profiles that follow.