USS Constitution

Name of Model: USS Constitution
Period ship sailed: 1797-1850
Type of model: Kit, solid hull

Modeler’s name: John Lamb
Scale of model: 1/8″ = 1′ (1:96)
Build time: Several years

Description of build, including materials: Most materials used in building the ship were in the kit except the rigging materials. I used plans and guides from several modeling companies for ideas for the most realistic and historical appearance of ship as she was modified during her history, especially after experiencing battle damage. The USS Constitution Museum in Boston was most helpful as were the members of the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights club.

Ship’s history: Commissioned in 1797, she remains an active US Navy vessel in museum status. Her most famous expeditions were in the battles of Tripoli Harbor in 1804-5 and during the War of 1812 when she defeated the British ships HMS Guerriere, Levant and Java. She was undefeated throughout her history and helped establish a young United States as a formidable world Naval power.

Modeler’s biography: The modeler is a retired USAF pilot and commercial pilot with 10,000+ hours of flight time and 1000 hours combat experience.

This was my first wooden ship build which shows an inexperienced builder can complete a complex and challenging task.

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