New Bedford Whaleboat

New Bedford whale boat

Name of Model: New Bedford Whaleboat Period ship sailed: 1700’s until 1900’s Type of model: Kit with improvisations

Modeler’s name: John Lamb
Scale of model: 1:16
Build time: 80 hours

Description of build, including materials: Plank on frame process using basswood, mahogany, balsa wood, metal fittings, multiple threads.

Ship’s history: Whaleboats were a key part of the whaling industry. They were built to to inexpensive and expendable. Approximately 3000 a year were lost to weather, destroyed by whales, or just worn out from use. They helped make the cities of New Bedford and Nantucket, MA wealthy. The development of kerosene, oil and natural gas largely ended the whaling industry in the United States.

Modeler’s biography: Novice model ship builder. Retired military and commercial pilot.

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