Yacht Mary

Name of  Model: Yacht Mary
Period ship sailed: 1650 – 1660
Type of model: Scratch Build

Modeler’s name: Brian Davies
Scale of model: 1:32
Build time: on going

Description of build, including materials: I am building this model using basswood and Elmer’s Wood Glue. Purchased hull plans from Mamoli over internet and enlarged at Kinkos. Using tools by Dremel and sanding blocks on this model.

Ship’s history: Mary was built by the Dutch East India company and given to Charles II upon being re-elected to British royalty. Charles learned to sail and enjoyed the Dutch statenjachts (state yachts or VIP ferries) while in political hiding because of Oliver Cromwell. Charles proceeded to build a fleet of yachts he used for racing, and sold Mary to the British Navy around 1655. Mary was wrecked in 1660 on a rocky island crossing between England and Scotland on a foggy morning

Modeler’s biography: This is my third model project, but first time attempting an admiralty model. My other projects were two Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack kits by Midwest.

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