Yankee Tender

Name of Model: Yankee Tender
Period ship sailed: Modern/current
Type of model:  Kit

Modeler’s name:  Nathaniel Fay
Scale of model:
1.5″ to 1′
Build time: 6 months

Description of build, including materials: The kit is from Wooden Boat magazine. It is designed to demonstrate how a real/full size Yankee Tender is constructed. The kit provided a “strong back” which replicates the shop floor. The model and real tender are constructed upside down. Then pulled off the strong back for installation of ribs, inwales, outwales, breast hook and thwarts. The model is finished with shellac.

Ship’s history: The plans for this tender are available from Wooden Boat store online

Modeler’s biography: Nathaniel Fay, retired from the Navy Reserve after twenty one years of service and four years of service in the Coast Guard Reserve. Having served at the Navy Operations Support Center on Buckley Air Force Base. Graduated from the University of Denver coming to DU from Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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