HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty

This is the first John McCann ever built – 69 years ago as a 16-year-old lad. It’s the HMS Bounty

John McGann built this model from a kit in 1944 when he was 16.
It was his first. Since then, John has lost count of the number of
models he has built, but it has been a continuous avocation for 67 years.

The Bounty was a collier purchased by the British Royal Navy and converted to an armed transport. It’s mission was to collect bread fruit seedlings in Tahiti and transport them to Jamaica to feed the slaves on the sugar plantations there. The crew mutinied and cast Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew members adrift in a small launch. After an epic voyage of 3,618 miles, Bligh landed at Timor, while the Bounty sailed to Pitcairn Island with a partially native crew where their descendents live to this day.

Period: 1789
Model length: 24”, height: 22”
Scale: 1=48


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