Welcome to the Website of the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights

We are a group of model ship builders in Colorado dedicated to promoting, developing, and furthering scale model shipbuilding. We are about 50 strong, building many types and sizes of model ships – from Egyptian barges to WWII destroyers, ships in bottles to all-paper models, miniature liners to four-foot men of war. Several members and their creations have won national and regional awards, and some have built models now on display at maritime museums nationwide.

But we’re not all expert modelers. Some members are working on their first models. They get advice and encouragement from those who are more experienced, and the goal is for everyone to enjoy the hobby of building model ships and to get the satisfaction of completing and displaying their handiwork.

 Contact our Skipper, Alice Sampson, with any questions at 303-748-9180

Gary Duncan’s 15th Century armed merchant ship, Coca Ansealica

Rocky Mountain Shipwrights meet every third Saturday at
Rockler Woodworking at 2553 South Colorado Denver CO.

Anyone interested in model ships is invited to attend and participate in the fun, watch the featured presentation and the “show and tell”, and chat with the members. If you’re having any problems in constructing your model, you’re sure to get plenty of advice here. There’s a “mini-workshop” after the meeting, so bring a model you’re working on if you like.

Meetings have been canceled until further notice because of the pandemic


Monthly workshop, too:
In addition to our regular monthly meeting, we host a monthly workshop where members (and guests) can work on their builds while enjoying the company, the coffee and goodies, the tips and tricks, and the conversations in an informal three-to-five hours. Questions about the workshop? Call Ralph Buckwalter – 303-914-0897

Workshops have been canceled until further notice because of the pandemic

Arvada City Hall (Police Station entrance)
8101 Ralston Road, Arvada CO.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Website of the Rocky Mountain Shipwrights

  1. Ahoy Mates; good to see another group of white-haired enthusiasts who are involved in the most gratifying (and frustrating) hobby in the world. (Those train guys are in another world entirely!)
    We are situated in and around the Bay of Quinte area of Ontario, Canada. Our Club in a member of The Great Lakes Model Boat Association that encompasses Clubs on both sides of the border. Currently 17 members (and supportive wives). We try to meet monthly at a member’s home to discuss various topics of a nautical nature.

    • Hi, Jeremy
      Glad you ran across our website and I hope you’ll find info and entertainment that makes it worthwhile.

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