Oseberg Viking Ship

Oseberg modeled by Bob Conover

Bob Conover built this model, one of two Osebergs entered in this year's show.

Bob Conover built this modified kit. He exposed the section between frames just forward of the mast to show the construction details used by 9th-century Vikings. Note the way planks were secured to the ribs by means of lashings through holes in the undersides of the ribs, and corresponding holes in cleats cut in the strakes located next to the ribs.

The original Oseberg was excavated from a grave in 1904 and is on display in the Nautical Museum of Oslo, Norway. This ship had 12 strakes secured with rivets in lapstrake hull construction. In later Viking ships the lashing method was replaced with wood dowels.

Period: Around 800ad
Model is 23” long, 16”tall
Scale:  1:50

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