CSS Alabama

Model Name: CSS Alabama
Period: Civil War
Type: Modified Kit

Modeler’s Name: Martin Jelsema
Time: 700 hours

Build Materials: This Model is a modified plank on bulkhead Mamoli kit build. Both deck configuration and rigging deviated from the Mamoli plans to follow the details illustrated in the book by Andrew Bowcock, Anatomy of a Confederate Raider. Hull is double planked in basswood and walnut. The “hammocks” on the rails are Q-tips. Completed with wood, cord and metal fittings.

Ship’s Story: The CSS Alabama was Confederate raider whose mission was to interrupt Union merchant trade during the Civil War. During it’s two years of raiding it captured 63 American merchant ships and one War Ship. It was in port at Cherbourg, France when “called out” by the USS Kearsarge. It was sunk by the Kearsarge. It was discovered by divers and is being raised little by little by the French.

Modeler’s Bio: This is Martin Jelsema’s third build since “retiring” as a marketing consultant four years ago. As a teenager he built the wooden schooner model of the Bluenose. He collected tools for the next 50 years in anticipation of renewing the hobby. Martin lives in Littleton with his wife Gus..

3 thoughts on “CSS Alabama

  1. Aloha
    My name is Bruce and your model looks fantastic! I’m just finished the Cutty Sark model and am very interested in the CSS Alabama. As with the Cutty Sark the Alabama has a copper hull and, living in Hawaii, I could not find anything suitable to use for that. Does Mamoli model come with the copper and if it doesn’t do you have any suggestions on what to use

  2. It comes with small pieces of very thin wood that have been painted or stained green to simulate aged copper. Extremely tedious to glue them on, but can look fairly good when taken as a whole. I painted the hull copper color after applying the wood plates and will go back over it with green chalk or paint to fill in the joints and then spray with Dull-coat. The jury is still out!

    • Hello, Peter:
      Thanks for visiting our website. I’d like to see how the green tiles/copper paint/weathering turns out. As you could see on the picture of my CSS Alabama, I used copper tape (the same stuff used by stained glass creators) which I first scored to simulate individual plates. I then used a pounce wheel to simulate nails before gluing strips to the hull.

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