Obelisk Barge of Queen Hatshepsuit

Name of Model:  Obelisk Barge of Queen Hatshepsuit
Period: Ancient Egypt 

Modeler’s Name:  John McGann
Type of Model: Scratch built
Scale:  1/8”=1’

Build Materials:  John produced the drawings from Bjorn Liandstrom’s book, Ships of the Pharaohs. The obelisks are pink granite from the quarry in Aswan from which the original obelisks were fashioned. The model  is constructed of sycamore just as the original barge was.

Ship’s Story: The barge was used to transport two 98-feet long granite obelisks from Aswan to Karnak. The ship is depicted on the wall of Hatshepsuit’s funerary temple, Deir El Bahri.

Modeler’s Bio: Retired construction superintendent. John’s been modeling for 75 years

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